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Sure, you can browse online home listings, but those are rarely updated in real time. You could spend an afternoon daydreaming about a home that went under contract yesterday, but you may not find out until you get back home with paint swatches.

We provide a list of homes currently available and in ‘active’ status, customized just for your needs from our source which is only available to Realtors and is always up to date. Don’t miss out on your perfect Home-Sweet-Home!

It’s true: the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage recently hit 5% for the first time since 2011. It sent the media into a frenzy about disappearing affordability and lenders feeling chilly to home loans.

The great news is, despite what you’re hearing the real estate market can be very advantageous for a smart buyer right now, especially in Northern Colorado. Higher rates have curbed the intensity of the market, and homes aren’t seeing the same kind of bidding wars as the last couple of years. You’re much more likely to get the home you love without hiking up your bid.

Interest rates are following an upward trend. Wouldn’t you rather lock in your interest rate now at 5% now instead of risking a likely even higher rate in a few months?

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